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Is your content audience-centered?

I know many reading this will silently respond with “yes, of course.” But I challenge you to really examine your content with an audience-centered lens in mind. Without realizing it, many people tend to write for their peers, that is, those who have the same expertise or knowledge level as they do, rather than writing for the public. Imagine: you've researched a subject for years. You are truly an expert in the area. You've collaborated with other experts to craft content and are ready to share it with the public! But, once your content is shared, you find that people aren't reading it - or don't understand its message. This is where an interpretation expert comes in. I work with you before your content is shared to frame it for the public, giving your work the opportunity to connect with your readers and ensure it's engaging, inclusive, and approachable - while still maintaining your voice, tone, and information. As an interpretation specialist, I work with you to cultivate a bigger audience, create moments of learning, and spark curiosity to drive self-directed learning. 

I'm Amber L. Smith, Founder of Story Three, LLC. I've worked in the cultural sector for 20 years and have experience in museums, galleries, and auction houses. Most recently, I was a Content Specialist at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) where I managed digital, print, and in-person interpretation for temporary exhibitions and permanent collection areas.


As an interpretation specialist, I help you reach your audiences through visitor and user-centered content focused on the storytelling experience. Whether that’s through a mobile app tour, overhauling exhibition text, creating visitor guides, scripting video or guided tour content, I distill complex topics into user-centered and accessible, inclusive content. My expertise ensures your story/content/project resonates.

As an interpretive consultant, I work to tell
your story whatever that story may be. 

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