Why Interpretation Matters

I’ve always loved museums, culture, and history. As a museum educator, I felt privileged to work with beautiful and historical objects and artifacts, teaching others about why art, culture, and history still matter today. Creating this moment of connection - between audience and content - is my calling. That moment of connection, when I could see the impact of my work on others, has been a driving force in my career. But there was a moment that pushed me forward more than any other, that propelled me, cementing and expanding my career in interpretation. In 2013, I received a fellowship to study with the Attingham Trust, UK. This immersive residential study program changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine.


As an Attingham student, I traveled around England with a cohort of fellow museum educators, directors, and curators visiting historic estates and houses to learn about their collections, history, gardens, and architecture. I’ve always been drawn to the experiential resonance of objects seen in situ. And through this program I was immersed, totally enveloped through the completeness of the site, learning about paintings, silver, tapestries, and manuscripts that were still in the same location that they had occupied for hundreds of years. I was in awe, totally enraptured by experiencing these objects surrounded by the interiors and architecture with which they were always meant to be in visual dialogue. It was a truly transformative experience that propelled my career in interpretation and as a museum educator. Having this totally immersive experience reinvigorated me as an educator. It inspired me to be a stronger teacher, writer, and researcher, and made me even more passionate about bringing these stories to life for others through interpretation.


Creating a similar moment of awe for museum visitors became my interpretive goal. As a museum educator and interpretation specialist, I worked to share content through engaging storytelling that delighted visitors and digital users. Creating content that was bite-sized, un-intimidating, and audience-centered allowed me to connect with visitors and cultivate excitement for learning, curiosity, and a desire for more of the same.

Story Three connects audiences to content that informs, inspires, and drives curiosity.

I founded Story Three to help institutions, organizations, and companies shape their print, digital, and in-person content from an audience-first approach. With several years’ experience working with experts, scholars, curators, writers, and editors I understand how to bring the pieces together so that your digital, in-person, and print content tells your story by speaking directly to your desired audience. I strategically approach each project from an interpretive standpoint examining your audience and content goals to create cohesive content designed to reach your target audience at their level, while still maintaining your vision.

I work with museums; botanical gardens; national parks; cultural institutions,; historic houses; aquariums; zoos; civic groups; parks; sites of historic interest; cities, counties, and states; tourist organizations; heritage groups; conservation organizations; and historic preservation groups. I also work with hotels, hospitals, restaurants, businesses, and commercial centers who have a collection in need of interpretation guidance.